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Show off your Expression with gorgeous piece that will leave you starring at it constantly. The colors blend togther naturally with a beautiful center stone of Tumbled Botswana Agate. This bracelet will go with any occasion and makes an awesome statement that will allow your Expression to shine on any given day. The piece will give you the ability to become one with your surroundings and remind you that laughter and clarity in your mind will allow you connect with nature and the beauty that the Earth provides

Tumbled Botswana Agate, Bronzite, Picasso Jasper, Coffee Agate, & Antique Silver

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$140.00Sale Price
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  • Botswana agate is believed to be beneficial for anyone connected to fire or smoke. In its raw state, Botswana agate looks like the human brain, so it is also thought to be effective for brain-related conditions. It is believed to stimulate the crown chakra. It's also commonly used to improve attention to detail, increase positivity and waken your sense of adventure.

    Bronzite will work its energies on you so that you can keep your light and positivity but also have the courage and strength to fight life’s challenges. This stone has a consistent frequency that powerfully eliminates or dispels negative energies, psychic attacks, hexes, and curses. Its healing energies will remove your old and unhealthy attachments and break any trace of karmic bonds

    Coffee Agate is a stone used to reconnect yourself with nature. It is believed that Brown Agate helps remove toxins from your body and mind allowing you to be present. This stone is great for allowing you to sort out your emotions so you can be one with the present.

    Picasso jasper is said to make for an excellent meditation stone. Some people value Picasso jasper for its ability to renew lost friendships or to help guide during relationship transitions. This stone is said to promote inner clarity and interpretation of one's own thoughts.

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