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This piece really says what it is: Storm! Meaning you can bring the Storm or Weather it with ease. The colors in this stone are amazing as they truly capture and project the elements of the earth. Great display or accent piece that is super vivid as it projects power and element.

Grade AA Storm Agate, Antiqued Silver

SKU: 94949495
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  • Blue Storm Agate:

    Storm Agate, is a light blue stone with flashes of white, with some having sprays of a light gold color immersed in the blue.  These stones represent the ThunderBeings and assist with dispersing negativity, and awakening & activating the divine knowing that is within each one of us. Used in meditation, they help to access the angelic realm, and bring you into higher frequencies of awareness.  It enhances your perception, and can show you hidden talents that you may possess.   They are also known as the stone of Freedom, as they provide support while you choose and manifest your hearts desires and dreams.

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