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Dave and Tracy-Sue founded Grounded Expressions based on our adventures and inspired the beauty that we have come across. Based in Littleton Colorado, our story begins with the modern day re-unite of two souls destine to cross and explore everything and anything we can. Our spirits are ignited with a passion for the outdoors and, in turn, our respect for nature is invoked in every mountain we climb, islands we explore, powder we seek to shred, and sunsets viewed.

We start our hikes prepared for almost anything nature can impose. It’s about exploring the journey, and not just the destination.  We find many beautiful stones or the perfect walking stick from nature and take pride in bringing you our creations.

We are a fun-loving couple, passionate skiers/riders, avid golfers, hikers, fishermen, rock hounds, SUP boarder, and hard working goofballs who seek to share nature’s beauty we see to all.

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