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This stunning piece is fresh and screams inner peace, attitude and coinfidence amongst your peers. The colors are perfect for any occasion and will it's amazing to see the colors pop as they blend and reflect at the time.

Grade AA White Jade, Grade AAA Turquoise, and Antiqued Silver

SKU: 97619475
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  • White Jade:

    White Jade can effectively detoxify the body and get rid of unwanted toxins. It can strengthen the eyes, skin and boost the immune system. White Jade can correct and stabilize the power in the reproductive system. If you had to simplify it, the primary White Jade meaning is all about hope and positivity. All of the specifics tend to fall underneath this description. If you’re having difficulties with relationships, then White Jade will mean the chance to heal from within, thereby paving the way for healthy and confident interactions with others.


    Turquoise is one of the most spiritual stones in the world of crystals. It also facilitates communication between the physical and the spiritual realms, enhances latent psychic abilities, amplifies intuition, and brings insight and wisdom. It is often used in releasing rituals, and when placed on the throat, it will negate the power of old vows or commitments that no longer serve us. It encourages the soul to express itself truly, without prohibitions or restrictions from the past. Turquoise’s powerful energies are good in eliminating physical and emotional exhaustion, and they can do wonders for people who are suffering from depression or prone to panic attacks.

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