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This Statement/Executive piece is a powerfuls combination of Snowflake Obsidian, Grey Alabaster, Polished Onxy and Blue Tiger Eye. This is a Grade AAA bracelet and each stone makes an epic statement for your next board meeting, a confidence booster for any occasion, or that special night out on the town.

Onyx, Snowflake Obsidian, Grey Alabaster, Blue Tiger Eyer & SilverClasp

SKU: 6627
$120.00 Regular Price
$95.00Sale Price
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  • Blue Tigers Eye has a healing effect on the nerves and clams the over-anxious or phobic. It is said to support libido and sexual desire and acts as a brake on an over-active sex drive. 

    Onyx is believed to be a stone of protection and strength. It is said to help its wearer stay grounded and focused, and to provide support in difficult times.

    Grey AlabasterIt helps to draw anger out of a person and to release it Alabaster symbolize purity, the whiter the stone the better. Encourages feelings of peace and calmness and can be used to combat stress, heal arguments or calm an angry household. A protective stone, especially for babies, children and anyone innocent at heart.

    Snowflake obsidian can calm and soothe your mental and physical health. Aside from balancing one's body mind and spirit, this gorgeous black stone is also noted to rapidly heal bruises and wounds and promote good blood circulation. Snowflake obsidian is a very healing stone and its powerful magnetism brings feelings to the surface that have been pushed down and repressed. Once these feelings arise, they can then be faced and the work can be done to resolve hidden issues and wounds

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