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Take a look in the mirror and be confident in who you are, where you came from and what you are capable of.  The combination of these stones is not only harmonious to the soul, but the beauty they present is a resembalence of the inner power they invoke. Get ready for compliments and know you deserve them beyond the attention this peice will bring you.

Grade AAA Peridot, Dumortierite, antiqued Silver

SKU: 9462, 9465,9457
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  • Peridot:

    Peridot, known for its spiritual cleansing properties illuminates brilliant energy that glows very bright and is said to also symbolize the abundance of life. It is said that Peridot also can help you strnghten your relationships with others, with the emphasis on family. This powerful stone is, besides beautiful, said to be relentless in providing the users emotional, physical, and spiritual connection and within.


    This is a rare Gemstone that is extremely powerful for giving its user; Peace of mind, Sense of Purpose, Wisdom, Intuition, Attunement, Self-Discipline, and Inner Vision. This stone is known for connecting oneself with greater purpose, while realizing your true potential. Being also known for allowing one to realize the knowledge they have absorbed, Dumortierite is an asset in bringing your intuitive energy to fruition and releasing it into your environment.

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