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We are Sorry that we had to take a little break, but we are back for 2024 and very excited show you our new 

products. If the jewelry is on the site it is available.

Thank you for your loyalty

"At Grounded Expressions, we create custom pieces of jewelry and functional artwork that utilize the gifts Earth provides us. The pieces are one of kind and will allow you to uniquely express yourself ." 

~D. Dato, Founder and Creative Lead

Our goal is to inspire you to wear your own Expressions

Our company was founded to create beauty that is one of kind. Every stone is ethically sourced and carefully created to stand out amongst the ordinary. We only use Grade A – Grade AAAA beads & gemstones. 

All gemstones have different meanings. The unique combinations give you the ability to explore and learn more about the powers of crystals and energies that can help enhance your life.


Our wood creations are collected on our adventures and then carefully formed by the original nodes and grain of the wood to bring out the expression of each piece. We can assure that you will never find a duplicate.

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