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This Statement Piece screams happiness and is an outstanding representaion of inner peace and confidence. The bracelet will brighten up your day and illuminate happiness to those around you. Show the world that you are a person who is bright, bold, and beautiful. Whether it is a special occasion, a formal event or you just want to make a statement, this bracelet will set your accessories apart.

Green & Red Imperial Jasper, African Jade, & Sterling Silver

SKU: 7110
$125.00 Regular Price
$100.00Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
  •  Imperial Jasper with its radiant glow teaches the appreciation of good and on the other hand apprehension of the wickedness. It helps its carrier to reach the self-confidence that further serves them to establish their unique identity and this along to others as a message. Moreover, Imperial Jasper personifies the journey of its holder which in turn reveals the person as a spiritual being.

    African Jade is sometimes called the skillful negotiator. It promotes action and intuition. It boosts courage, change, insight, spiritual growth, and the development of new skills. It helps make successful business decisions. African Jade is also known for giving you more authenticity, patience, and stamina.

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